Choosing the Best Permanent Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

permanent hair colour

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Changing up your look using permanent hair colour is a great way to express yourself. At Suki Hair, we know that while certain shades may suit certain skin tones more than others, one should by no means feel restricted in any way or that they are not “allowed” to wear a specific hair colour. We should all feel great in our skin and feel confident in wearing whatever hair colour we choose for ourselves.

That said, one can make the most of their natural beauty by choosing hair colours that complement their undertones.

First Things First – What Is An Undertone?

When we speak about the skin’s undertone, we refer to the natural colours present under your skin’s surface. Understanding your undertone is key to many aspects of beauty, including picking out the perfect foundation match, striking colour palettes for your wardrobe and choosing the most complimentary hair colour.

permanent hair colour

The traditional undertones are warm, cool and neutral. It’s easy enough to figure out which undertone you have – simply look at the veins visible in your wrist. If your veins have a green hue, you likely have warm undertones. If they appear purple or blue, you most likely have cool undertones. You have a neutral undertone if your veins appear invisible or match your skin colour exactly. If you’re struggling to identify your undertones yourself, visit a professional beauty counter or hair salon.

The Basics

A good rule of thumb when looking for the perfect complimentary hair colour is to go opposite of your undertone. If you warm undertones, opt for a cool hair shade and vice versa.

Another important note to make is whether you have a fair or dark complexion. Avoid matching your hair colour to your skin tone exactly, or your gorgeous features will disappear. Instead, go at least a few shades darker or lighter than your skin.

Hair Colours For Cool Undertones

For those with cool undertones, redness added to the skin can look ruddy very quickly. Golden blondes, rich brunettes or warm reds will complement your cool undertones and help you achieve that perfect contrast.

Hair Colours For Warm Undertones

Compliment your warm undertone by picking hues that add a healthy flush to your skin. For example, ashy blondes, cool beige or rich browns look incredible on people with warmer skin.

Find The Best Stylist For You

At Suki Hair, our stylists are experts in all things hair, from fantastic haircuts to creating the perfect permanent hair colour. If you’re ready to take your hair colour to the next level, call our salon on +61 2 4929 5077 or use our convenient online contact portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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