What Is The Difference Between Cutting Men’s Hair And Cutting Women’s Hair?

men’s haircut salons

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When it comes to hair salons, you’ll notice that there are men’s haircut salons, salons that are geared specifically towards women, and salons that offer both. You’ll also often find that men’s haircuts are listed as cheaper than women’s haircuts.

In this article, we will have a deeper look at the difference between men’s and women’s haircuts. Is there that much of a difference after all?

Hairdressers Learn To Cut Both Men’s Hair And Women’s Hair

When hairdressers undergo their training and apprenticeships, they learn to cut both men’s hair and women’s hair, and it is important that they understand both. However, some hairdressers will specialise in different fields, such as men’s haircuts or women’s colour.

Barbers, on the other hand, usually only specialise in men’s cuts and do not learn how to cut women’s hair.

Is Men’s Hair And Women’s Hair Very Different?

At the end of the day, men’s hair and women’s hair are very much the same! The only real difference is the generalised fact that most women have longer hair and most men have shorter hair. Thus, someone who specialises in men’s haircuts usually specialises in shorter, more masculine cuts.

men’s haircut salons

What Motivates Men and Women to go to the Hairdresser

Surprisingly, men and women have very similar motivations when it comes to booking an appointment with a hairdresser. These motivations include:

  • Age – Hide signs of ageing such as grey or thinning hair.
  • Maintenance – Maintain the cut that they already have.
  • Life changes – Birthdays, new jobs, promotions, etc.
  • Fashion – Keep up with the latest trends and appear to be fashionable.

That all being said, in most cases, a lot more women colour their hair than men. Hardly any younger men bother at colouring their hair at all. It seems as if it is much more socially acceptable for women to do so and for women to partake in different hair trends.

Can Men and Women Use the Same Products? 

Because men’s hair and women’s hair is very similar, the same products can be used. The differentiation in products should come from whether the hair is colour-treated, curly, wavy, straight, fine, etc. ‒ features that both men’s hair and women’s hair can have.

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