How To Choose The Right Hair Color?

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You know that already that you will require calling an appointment with the experts to suggest the color for your hair. There are also some ideas about knowing what you want beforehand or instead of doing it on your own to save some money. You know you cannot just keep going for expensive hair coloring when you are still in an experiment place or are trying to create your style statement. The easy way is to get the Fanola products Australia at your own place and get it going. Now the big question which arises is how to actually find the right color which will suit your skin and not look too odd to start with? It is easy to get overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice which is thrown at you.     

If you are thinking about how to choose the right hair color then here are some things which can help you in making the decision. The choice will be based on the skin tone mostly hence finding the right one carefully is really important.

Keep your face clean:

The best fanola products Australia will work best on accurately determined skin undertone, make sure that you remove all traces of makeup and clean up the face to see the natural color.

Choice of light:

You must have noticed this many times that your skin looks highly different in different light forms hence choose a room which is well light. The best choice here could be natural lighting which will be possible with open windows and other natural sources before actually using the fanola hair products.

Color test:

This might not sound right but before actually using the color you will have to do a test using strong colors on other material. Use a shirt of shade green or blue against the face and then use a different shirt which is of hade red or yellow. Now if the skin looks better with the blue shirt then your skin tone is cool. If it looks better with red shirt then you have warm-tone of the skin. This determination will help you choose the colors at the final level.

Warm skin tones:

If you want to choose a color for warm skin tone then you can go for shades like champagne or platinum hue this is for the one who has light skin color.  Another color which will go well with it is silvery-blonde. But if light colors are not your preferred choice then do not worry choose dark shades like amber or auburn in dark red or even rich brown color.

With the cool skin tone:

Now the choice is simple all the colors which are left are what you can pick when your skin tone is cool. The colors which contain words like ‘honey’, ‘warm’ and chocolate will be a good choice here. The idea is to choose the color which will balance out the skin color and skin tone. Now cool skin tone does not mean that you cannot go blonde but the colors of choice here should be beachy golden blonde rather than silvery champagne or platinum.   

The fanola hair products provide a huge range of colors. When you are sure about which color is best suited for you then you can pick anyone from them. They are also easy to use on the hairs and come with instruction so that no expert is required. It is best for all users to do a small test on the hair before using the whole product or coloring the hairs. Do not rush and take time to finalize the color which will best suit the requirement.

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