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Activance is a very well-respected hair care brand in Australia, and research into the Activance formulas started over 50 years ago!

We are a professional hair salon near Lindfield, in Gordon, and we are very particular about the products that we use in our salon. We only want to offer our clients the very best products to help them achieve their hair goals. And this is why we stock and use Activance in our salon.

Activance Is Well-Researched And Transparent

A lot of scientific research has gone into the hair care product formulas used by Activance. The brand is extremely transparent about the ingredients that they use. Another way in which they are transparent is the estimated time frames in which it takes these products to work. All of this information can be found on their website.

Can Be Used On Sensitive Scalps

Activance is designed and created with sensitive scalps in mind. The low allergy formulas mean that they are very gentle on the skin. There are a wide range of different products that can be used for sensitive or itchy scalps. There are chemical-free, and 0% fragrance options available. We love how Activance really caters for everyone. Activance is also safe to use during pregnancy.

hair salon near Lindfield

A Wide Product Range

Activance has many different products in their range and are always improving their formulas. Their three main ranges include the Original, the Rapid and the Plus. These products can be used to treat:

  • Thinning hair
  • Hair fall
  • Slow-growing hair
  • Fine hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Dry hair and scalp
  • Oily hair and scalp
  • Irritated scalp

Compatible With Other Products

Activance hair care products are compatible with other hair care and medical products. They can be used to enhance and maximise the performance of other products, and that is one of the greatest things about this range!

We have a wide range of Activance products that can be bought from our hair salon in the Lindfield area.

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