What To Do With My Cotton Towels After Switching To Disposable Salon Towels

disposable towels in Australia

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Over the past few years, disposable towels in Australia have become increasingly popular, especially in hair and beauty salons. They offer many sustainable benefits, such as being biodegradable, affordable and there is no need to wash and dry them.

If you have decided to make this change, then congratulations! But it is important not just to dump your cotton towels in the bin. Most cotton towels also have some synthetic fibres and are not completely biodegradable. So here are some ways that you can recycle them!

Keep A Few As Back Up

You never know when a cotton towel may come in handy. Perhaps your shipment of disposable towels is late, or there has been some flooding in your salon.

Cotton towels take up a lot of space and it’s a good idea to get rid of most of them, but it would be a good idea to keep a couple just in case you need them!

Give Them To Your Staff Members

Are your towels embroidered with your salon name? Why not give these towels to staff members to take home as keepsakes for their time at the salon. They probably have many happy memories involving these towels, even if they are completely ready to make the move onto disposable towels. Your cotton towels could be a sentimental item for them to hold onto.

Donate Them

disposable towels in Australia

If your towels are still in relatively good condition, you may want to look into donating them. If you’re a salon owner, you’ll know just how expensive towels can be, and it can be difficult for those in less fortunate circumstances to afford a bath towel. You could donate your towels to a family you know could use them, to a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter, or even an animal sanctuary.

Use Them As Rags & Dishtowels

If your cotton towels are not in the greatest condition and may not be able to serve the purpose of a bath towel, you can still use them as dish towels and rags by cutting them up. This is really one of the best ways to reuse cotton towels.

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