Dry Cut vs Wet Cut: Which is the Better Way to Get My Hair Cut?

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When it comes to getting your hair cut, you have two options: a dry cut or a wet cut. Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty, we offer both! In this article, we’ll be defining dry cuts and wet cuts and looking at the benefits of both.

What is a Dry Cut?

A dry cut is quite self-explanatory. Instead of having your hair shampooed at the salon, you simply arrive at your appointment, sit down in the salon chair, and start having your hair cut. Your hair is cut while it is dry.

What is a Wet Cut?

The process of a wet cut involves a shampoo at the salon, cutting your hair while wet and then ending it off with a blow dry before you head out the door. As a professional hair salon, our shampoo, cut and blowdry services in Penrith are of our most popular.

blowdry Penrith

Why Choose a Dry Cut?

  • Less time- You will spend a lot less time in the salon chair as there is no washing or blow-drying involved.
  • Ideal for curly hair- dry cuts are very popular for curly hair as it makes for a more accurate cut. When curly hair is wet, it is difficult to see where the curls fall.
  • Sharper cuts- when your hair is wet, it tends to stretch, so a dry cut can give you a sharper result.
  • Save money- dry cuts are usually significantly cheaper than wet cuts.
  • You see the finished style coming together in real time- you’ll know exactly what the finished style looks like and can ask for tweaks if need be.
  • Ideal for cutting a fringe- No surprises like what you may have to experience with a wet cut.

Why Choose a Wet Cut?

  • Full salon experience- relax and enjoy the full salon experience with a shampoo and a blow dry.
  • Precision- wet hair allows for your hairdresser to cut very precise lines as the wet hair holds together. This is ideal for blunt cuts like bobs.
  • Maintain your hair- receiving a wet cut means you’ll enjoy more quality salon products, and you’ll leave your hair feeling restored.

 Are you looking for a professional shampoo, cut and blowdry in Penrith? Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty, we can take care of all your hair cut, colour, and styling needs. If you’d like to make an appointment at our salon, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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